Geoffrey Doig Marx

About the Artist
Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM) –Visual Artist

Left home at age 15 where he lived in runaway shelters and group homes in the Albany area. In the mid 1980s he moved to New York City and started his career in dance, musical theatre and choreography.
Now with over 300 paintings and thousands of photographs, Geoffrey is everywhere. His paintings currently hang at his 4th solo show at Posh in NYC. Find yourself strolling on the Upper East Side? You can view his paintings based on Stylist’s Davide-Torchio’s styling at the Davide-Torchio Salon 69th St and 954 Lexington Avenue 212-737-3621
Or what if you’re lunching Downtown? Stroll into the village and see his photography at The Leatherman on Christopher Street.

Is the latest installment by Visual Artist Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM). The Show COLORS takes a look at how an explosion of color/ or lack of colors can be used to create vibrant images. Living in NYC in the gritty 1980s, GDM was constantly amazed at the work by Graffiti/Street Artists whose images and tags yelled that they were here and living in NYC. A lot of GDM’s work conjures and pays homage to the artists friends he had and lost in those gritty days. GDM uses his brushes as a spray can and like the artist’s before him yells his name loudly to proclaim, “I’m still here.”


Geoffrey Doig-Marx